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Welcome to featuring scannable forms and supply items for your Scantron scanner. Simply click on the links below to directly access the information you need. If you require additional assistance, please send an e-mail to or call us at 1-800-347-7704. Thank you for visiting our online store and we appreciate your business!

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Browse & Search
ScantronStore is designed to allow you to browse our product catalog without having to login. Select the appropriate product tab to view items that are available for purchase. Search by form or part number, product name, or conduct a wildcard search to locate an item quickly.

  • To search by form or part number, enter the form number or part number in the keyword text field and select the red Go button. Example: 239770
  • To search by product name, enter the product name into the keyword text field and select the red Go button. Example: ink cartridge
  • To conduct a wildcard search enter a percent (%) sign before and/or after a keyword and select the red Go button. All items having that character string will be displayed.

Once you have found your product, add the product to your cart by entering the quantity and selecting the Add to Cart button.

To register, select the Register link in the Welcome bin on the right side of your screen or the Register button in the upper right corner of your screen. There are three registration options available at our store; Current customer, New customer, or Individual account. Each process is described below:

Register as a Current Customer:
Use this link if you are an existing customer. Enter your organization number and personal information. Your organization number allows your registration information to be linked to your current account. If you do not know your organization number, please call 1-800-347-7704 and we will provide it to you. Once you have entered your Organization ID and personal information, click the submit button. An e-mail confirming your registration will be sent to the address that we have on file. You are now able to place orders.

Register as a New Customer:
Select this link if you are a business, school district, or government agency that has never purchased from Scantron. Enter your organization information, personal information, and click on the Submit button. If you have a tax-exempt certificate, fax it to 1-800-366-0058.

An e-mail confirming your registration request will automatically be sent. However, your account information will need to be reviewed by Scantron before an order can be placed. Typically, this will take less than one business day. Once your account is approved, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the address that we have on file. This email approves your registration and confirms your password information. You are now able to place orders.

Register as an Individual Account:
If you do not want to be linked to a specific organization or school, register as an individual account. For individual accounts, the payment method is credit card only and any applicable sales tax will apply. To register, simply enter in your personal information and password information. Your email address will be your login name. When you are ready to check out, the store will prompt you to enter your bill to and ship to addresses.

Remember, if you register as an individual account, any orders placed will be charged sales tax and will not be associated with any organization or school district.

Login and Passwords
Your security is important to us. We take all the appropriate measures to make certain our online store is secure including advanced encryption and firewall technology. For your protection, we use email addresses as the unique login name and encrypt your password. Your password will need to be changed on a regular basis and must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 7 characters
  • Must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number
  • Cannot contain your username
  • Cannot contain repeating characters (TOMMY55 is invalid)

When you need to change your password, select the Profile button in the upper right corner of your screen. If you have misplaced your password information, click on the Forgot Password link and enter your e-mail address. Your password will be reset and an e-mail confirmation with the new password will be sent to the email address we have on file.

Since passwords are case sensitive, and many times the 1, I, and l are mistaken for each other, we recommend that you copy and paste this new password from your e-mail confirmation into the login screen. After you login, go to the Profile button and change your password.

Adding Items to Your Shopping Cart
The Shopping Cart helps you view and manage the products you might wish to purchase at any given time. To add items to the shopping cart click the Add to Cart button. Items can be added or removed from the Shopping Cart at any time prior to check out.

To remove items from your Shopping Cart, select the item and click the Trash Can icon. To save your cart for future shopping, simply add your items to your cart and update the quantities. Next, select the Save Cart button and give your cart a name. You can save multiple carts, but once you check out with your saved cart, it will be deleted. If you want to re-use your shopping cart for multiple purchases use the Shopping List feature.

Placing an Order
There are five simple steps to placing an order. Each step is described below:

1.      Register/Sign-in
To sign-in; enter your email address and password information.
If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, click on the link provided and your password will be reset. An email will be sent with the new password information. If are a new organization or school, you will be required to register before placing an order. Please see the Registration section for details on how to register.

2.      Select Items to Purchase
Select the items you wish to purchase by adding them to your Shopping Cart. To update the quantities of any item, simply overwrite the number displayed in the cart. Click on the Recalculate button to see the new price.

3.      Enter Shipping Information
Select your ship method (ground, next day, etc.) and select your shipping address. Most stock products will ship within 2-3 business days from order receipt. Once you have entered you shipping information, select Continue to select your billing address and payment method. If you need an estimate of your shipping & handling / freight charges, continue with the checkout process until after you enter your bill to information. The store will automatically calculate your freight charges based on the ship method that you selected.)

4.      Enter Billing Information
Select your bill to address or create a new address if you are an individual account. Next, select your payment method and enter your purchase order number or credit card information. Once you have entered your information, select Continue to proceed with the Check Out process.

5.      Place Order
Within the Review Order Details page, you can still make changes or corrections to the number of units, shipping and billing information. To add/delete items or change your quantities, select the Shopping Cart icon above the top navigation bar. Remember to review your order details along with the Terms & Conditions of Sale link before placing your order. Select the Submit Order button to place your order. You will receive an order confirmation page including your order number. Please print this page and keep for your records.

Promotion Codes
If you receive a notice about a promotion, simply enter the promotion code number and select the Apply button. The promotion code field is located at the bottom of your shopping cart. This field is case sensitive.

Changing / Updating Your Address
Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-347-7704 or send us an email at to update your address information.

Changing Your Order
You may update or change your order at any time, prior to selecting the Submit Order button. Once you select this button, your order will be placed and no further changes can be made.

Shipping & Handling / Freight Estimates
There are four ship methods available at the online store (Ground, Next Day, 2-day, and 3-day.) Products will ship F.O.B. Columbia, Pennsylvania or Eagan, Minnesota. Most stock products will ship within 2-3 business days from order receipt.

If you need a freight estimate, your shipping charges are applied and available for review on the Order Checkout Screen prior to confirming your order.

Shopping Lists
The Shopping List feature allows you to save items and quantities in a cart friendly format that can be used multiple times.

  • Create Your Shopping List. Add your items and quantities to the shopping cart and select the Save to List button. Enter a Shopping List name along with any comments to help you easily identify your list. Next, click Apply to save your Shopping List. To change existing Shopping Lists, click the My Shopping List sub-tab and select your list. You can change quantities, add, and delete items from your list.
  • Using Your Shopping List
    To use your Shopping List, select the View Lists link from the right side of your screen. Next, select your shopping list and the appropriate items for that list will be displayed. Select each item that you wish to order and add them to your cart. You are now able to continue with the checkout process.

Return Policy
Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-347-7704 or send us an email at for return policy information and return requests.

Requesting Customer Assistance
Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-347-7704 or send us an email at if you need further assistance using or have questions regarding our products.

Tax Exempt Certificates
To submit a tax exempt certificate, please mail or fax to the address listed below:

1313 Lone Oak Road
Eagan, MN 55121-1334

Fax: 1-800-366-0058

Tracking Your Order Status
To check the status of your order and to obtain your tracking information, login to the online store and select the Orders button in the upper right corner of your screen.

International Orders
To place an order from a country outside of the United States, please contact your local distributor or call 651-683-6075 for assistance.



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