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ACC50 OMR Scoring #2 Pencils
No. 2-medium pencil with high lacquer finish, non-toxic paint, and pink rubber eraser. Recommended for use with OMR scan forms.
  • Item Number: ACC50
  • 144 pencils per box
  • Blue barrels
  • Pre-sharpened

    Unit Price:   $23.00   EACH
    ACC71 Ruler for Designing Custom Forms
    Used by form designers to assist in the creation of scannable forms. Often used to count the number of timing marks and response positions that will be read by the scanner.
  • Item Number: ACC71
  • Ruler is 12" in length
  • One ruler per package

    Unit Price:   $6.99   EACH
    ACC70 ScanTools Ruler
    Used by ScanTools programmers for defining scan applications. Perfect for counting the number of timing marks and response positions on the document.
  • Item Number: ACC70
  • Ruler is 8" in length
  • One ruler per package
  • For use with ScanTools Software

    Unit Price:   $6.99   EACH
    SW164 ScanFlex Alignment Guide-.166
    Used to determine if forms are printed within the ScanFlex tolerances. The laminated sleeve includes instructions for easy use.
  • Item Number: SW164
  • One ruler per package
  • For use with Scantron DesignExpert PrintFlex module and ScanTools Plus ScanFlex module.

    Unit Price:   $22.00   EACH




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